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Bronte's life & works How can you possibly know so much about Charlotte Bronte and her novels!?!
  If you had read only one or two stories by Charlotte Bronte and had written only a few essays about her characters & themes, you probably wouldn't know enough about her style -- to offer serious academic assistance to others.  But imagine if you had written dozens of essays covering a seemingly endless array of angles and interpretations of Bronte's works? Imagine if you had read all of Bronte's works -- several times each!  Surely, you'd be far more prepared to lecture, to tutor, and even to publish some of your ideas about this great 19th century author. And indeed, over the course of several years we have read, re-read, written, and re-written examples of essays & reports covering all of Charlotte Bronte's major works! THAT is how we know so much about her writing! Find out for yourself. Ask for an excerpt from any of our essays before placing an order!

Bronte's life & works
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