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   Whatever the reasons, or the ingredients that added to Charlotte's own brew of discontent, the Reverend Arthur Bell Nicholls found her living in Haworth, unmarried and relatively successful when he approached her and asked her to be his wife. This she did, with the reluctant permission of her father, in 1854. Charlotte was thirty-eight at the time of her marriage. It has been said that the short period of her married life was the happiest and most serene that Charlotte had experienced since her earliest days of playing with her siblings, writing down the stories they made up about their imaginary lives and sharing a love of literature (Anonymous 93).

   For a woman that was caught in the net of her own disquiet for most of her life, who had seen almost the whole of her family precede her in death and who had not taken full credit for her talents and, or, successes; death held itself out as a challenge and an inevitability that was to be courted until it should 'give in' to the whimsies of her moods. At a time of her life when many women would have felt the most fulfilled - during her first pregnancy, Charlotte caught what was diagnosed as pneumonia but might have been more of the outward ramifications of her own brooding personality, and died...


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